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Electric telegraphy

The electric telegraph, invented by Samuel Morse in 1837, reached France in 1844 and our department in 1853.
Post offices were gradually equipped with the new technology. 

In this showcase, you will find, on the middle shelf, a complete Morse station that was used in the Fabrezan post office.

On the top left is a Baudot electric telegraph transmitter which functioned on the shorthand principle. 

You will also find a Grenet battery, which provided the energy needed to operate the telegraph.

Below, on the right, you can discover a Sounder acoustic receiver. With this device, the dashes and dots of Morse code came as sounds and were amplified by the metal case surrounding the receiver system. 

Also below are various equipment used in Morse telegraphy, such as switches and lightning protectors.

On 31 January 1999, international regulations no longer required Morse to be used on ships at sea.

On 30 April 2018, the Morse telegraph technology was abandoned.