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Design and the sixties

The 1960s were an inventive, carefree period. It was the time of plastic and disposable, multi-purpose furniture. Round shapes, zigzags, and colour were the order of the day—the pop years were in full swing! 
Telephones followed the trend! Plastic telephones, like the S 63, were produced in large quantities. The colour orange was also in fashion.
Plastic was the star material because it made a wide range of designs possible, and the manufacturers had no shortage of imagination. 

In the showcase, on the bottom right, the Intercom 10 directions telephone with a special design.
In the showcase, on the top left, the Ericsson launched Ericofon. The rotary dial is placed under the base of the phone, and the red button was used to activate the dial tone.

In the show case, on the bottom right: Like other manufacturers, the Néophone company also followed the sixties fashion, marketing its intercom (telephone switchboard) the “Néophone”, designed by Roger Tallon.

On a local and departmental level:
21 January 1969 saw the inauguration of the Carcassonne-Iéna automatic telephone exchange. 
On 29 June 1971, the Narbonne Kennedy automatic exchange went into service.
Telephone service in France was lagging far behind during this time. It sometimes took several months to even more than a year to obtain a telephone line. In response, the General Directorate of Telecommunications (DGT), with the help of the French government, launched a vast catch-up plan in the early 1970s.