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Page QR CODE 22/24Telephone line equipment

Technicians have played an essential role in the history of telecommunications. Responsible for installing and connecting cables, they carry out a difficult task under all types of weather.

At the top of the display case, you will find a coaxial cable with copper wires insulated with paper. 
Various layers of insulation allowed these cables to be kept in damp places—like at the bottom of the sea for transatlantic cables. Next to the coaxial cable, you will find a fibre optic cable that is commonly installed nowadays.

On the left are a bat and a spinner which were used by technicians to connect copper cables. 
Behind is a canister for carrying the liquids used while working. At the bottom right are test sets that allowed technicians to plug themselves into the lines and check whether they were in good condition.

On the middle shelf, in the centre, are weights that were used to check the tension of the cables. 
On the right are small seals that were attached to the telephone poles. At the bottom right is a technician’s bag where tools were stored.

Below, a fax machine.